Wines of Jordi Oliver Conti

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JOC is the global project of Jordi Oliver Conti who experiments in different DOs how to create differentiated wines

Jordi Oliver Conti is one of the biggest promoters of high-end wines in the Empordà.

In its early days, around the 1990s, the wines of its family winery were the most talked about, not only nationally, but also with international repercussions.

The quality was so exceptional that they were able to match other prestigious wines.

After graduating as a sommelier, he became curious to study and analyze the organoleptic properties of new grape varieties, which he had not yet vinified.

It didn’t take long for him to decide that it was time to embark on a solo journey and create his most personal project, a dream come true that we now know as JOC, the wines of Jordi Oliver Conti.

The wines made by Jordi Oliver Conti Jordi Oliver Conti are the result of all his passion with the sole aim of giving pleasure to different palates.

Observation, attention, imagination and choice – climate, place, terrain, variety, pruning and yield -, elaborate, smell, taste, agree and define.

VINOJOC | The wines of Jordi Oliver Conti