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JOC is the global project of Jordi Oliver Conti who experiments in different DOs how to create differentiated wines

Jordi Oliver Conti is one of the biggest promoters of high-end wines in the Empordà.

In its early days, around the 1990s, the wines of its family winery were the most talked about, not only nationally, but also with international repercussions.

The quality was so exceptional that they were able to match other prestigious wines.

After graduating as a sommelier, he became curious to study and analyze the organoleptic properties of new grape varieties, which he had not yet vinified.

It didn’t take long for him to decide that it was time to embark on a solo journey and create his most personal project, a dream come true that we now know as JOC, the wines of Jordi Oliver Conti.

The wines made by Jordi Oliver Conti Jordi Oliver Conti are the result of all his passion with the sole aim of giving pleasure to different palates.

Observation, attention, imagination and choice – climate, place, terrain, variety, pruning and yield -, elaborate, smell, taste, agree and define.


The wines that Jordi Oliver has created throughout his career

JOC Amunt blanc


A project with aspirations to reach as far (high) as possible, rooted to the land and associated to the tradition of making human towers (castells).

We contact Roser Capdevila (author of “The Triplets”) with whom we agree immediately and who makes the drawing of the label.

Wine from selected vineyards in the Alt Penedès with 60% xarel·lo and 40% Grenache.

Maceration in cold of the grapes for 12 hours and fermentation at 14º to preserve the aromas of the varieties to the maximum.

It is a fresh, balanced and very aromatic wine.

Production: 3,000 bottles.

JOC Xoubiña


White Godello DO Valdeorras

A small sardine is a Xoubiña in Galician language.

White grape variety with a great future.

Clayey soil, vines with good slope so that they don’t retain water and to reduce the potential for growth. Legumes are planted between the vines and grapes are thrown to the ground to regulate production per hectare.

The Godello variety has a long cycle, the height of the site and the microclimate favor its slow growth. Located 400 meters above sea level in the village of A Rua de Valdeorras (interior of the province of Ourense).

Vinification with lees of a part of the wine that is inside the barrels for 4 months, looking for the fat and the unctuousness that will make it different.

The nose is reminiscent of straw and also ripe apples, with a touch of cantaloupe melon. On the palate it is a very unctuous wine, without losing its freshness, with a good presence and persistence.

JOC Txirla


White verdejo DO Rueda

The name evokes everything that refers to the shellfish and its universe.

Made in La Seca (DO Rueda) for the curiosity he had the first time he tasted this variety.

It is rich in aromas and has endless possibilities for production.

Look for a balance between foot density / hectare and kilos of grapes. The height of the vine, more than 750 meters, makes the temperature contrast day / night at the time of ripening high and promotes the creation of aromas, as well as a slow ripening of the grapes. Clay soils with pebbles that help keep the night cool during hot days. All this allows you to get the most out of the variety reflected in the bottle.

20% of the wine is left for 4 months with lees in oak barrels in order to obtain unctuousness, fat and a little persistence.

Aromas of anise and fennel, with ripe white flowers. Then come the tropical aromas of passion fruit so typical of the variety. Good structure in the mouth, as a result of work with lees. It is wide, full and has a good step with a fresh, long finish and a bitter point so typical of this variety.

JOC Visi rosat


Rosé wine made from Penedès grapes, from clayey soils, which allow good water retention and limestones that favor a good expression of finesse.

Made with Grenache and Merlot, with red fruit aromas; cream caramel with strawberries.

It is a fresh and elegant wine, with a good balance.

JOC Sogre & Gendre

SOGRE & GENDRE (father-in-law & son-in-law)

Red DO Empordà

This red wine is born from the synergies between Carlota Oliver (daughter of Jordi Oliver Conti), Francesc Moret (son-in-law and label designer) and Jordi Oliver Conti (father-in-law).

The choice of this area is to ensure that the grapes ripen in the event of a shortage of rain (to ensure that the grapes do not wilt before harvesting them from the clay that retains moisture).

Made with the local variety of the DO Empordà, the black Grenache, a little Samsó (Carignan) and Merlot. It has been aged in bottle.

From clay and slate soils in the Garriguella area (Alt Empordà).

It is powerful and structured, round, soft tannin, very filling and very persistent.

JOC Ribera del Duero


Harvested and made in San Martin de Rubiales, in the province of Burgos, where the best grapes of the denomination come from. With the fine red variety, at the climatic limit of the cultivation of the vine (800 meters high) and grape clearing work. Sandy and calcareous soils.

Very careful vinification, maceration and extraction in the first days to have the maximum fruit and controlled fermentation to prolong it to the maximum and obtain the full potential of the skins. Depending on the year, longer macerations are made to obtain more structure, as long as the ripening of the grapes allows it.

Pass through French oak for 12 months, to give it a soft and spicy toast.

It has a smell of black fruit, with a touch of very ripe red, minerality present. In the mouth it is very sweet, with a wide, fruity and spicy entry. Vivid and long


JOC BLANC (white)

White Grenache (50%) and Macabeo (50%) with 5 months with lees and wood.

Observation, attention, imagination and choice - climate, place, terrain, variety, pruning and yield -, elaborate, smell, taste, agree and define.



Observation, attention, imagination and choice - climate, place, terrain, variety, pruning and yield -, elaborate, smell, taste, agree and define.